Now offering comprehensive assessments in-person and virtually without a referral, walk-in or by appointment:

Walk-In Assessments: Mondays and Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m. at 1025 Portland Avenue in Minneapolis. Appointments available Monday–Friday.
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Supportive Housing, Recovery, and Reentry Services

Since 1971, RS EDEN has been a leader in delivering effective community human services in Minnesota. From early achievements in substance abuse treatment and correctional residential programs, RS EDEN has evolved into a multi-faceted agency whose mission is to create thriving, just communities where healing occurs and new beginnings are possible. We envision a community built upon a shared commitment to wellbeing and equity, where individuals and families are free from injustice and anchored by generational resilience.

RS EDEN seeks to rebuild communities, one person at a time.

2020 Annual Report

You can also read the report as a downloadable PDF here.

h1.png Supportive Housing

RS EDEN's supportive housing communities include on-site services to assure tenants have the resources and support necessary to sustain their housing.

h2.png Recovery Services

Programs include substance use, mental health, peer support, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), independent living skills, as well as vocational and educational services.

h3.png Reentry Services

Services for individuals reentering and reconnecting with the community after incarceration.

h5.png RSI Laboratories

Designed to establish a safe environment for clients making the necessary changes to promote their rehabilitation while ensuring public safety.

We're excited to share our NEW Strategic Plan

and updated Mission and Vision statement.

Two things stand out about RS EDEN. One is the intensity of their programming. Not only have staff created a highly structured curriculum with high expectations for those who use it, but clients become part of a community. The ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ focus relentlessly on helping each other, demanding honesty and effort without excuses. The second thing about RS EDEN is the enthusiasm of its participants.

- Bruce Peterson, District Court Judge

Job Opportunities

RS EDEN is an equal opportunity employer whose mission is to create thriving, just communities where healing occurs and new beginnings are possible.