Our Work Remains Essential

As we navigate this unprecedented situation, RS EDEN is committed to the safety and well-being of our employees and our clients. We continue to run our programs, adapting our services to align with social distancing protocols and other Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.

As the situation changes, we are finding safe, creative ways to bring treatment, resources, and social connection to clients during this time. After connecting (from a distance) with a resident in one of our Recovery Services programs, an RS EDEN staff member said, "I was energized beyond belief. This is the reminder of why we have to keep pushing." As we see the most vulnerable members of our community require even more support during this crisis, our work becomes even more critical—and remains "essential" after yesterday's stay-at-home order.

For referral partners:

RS EDEN remains an "essential" service in this time of crisis. This means we are accepting referrals into our supportive housing, reentry services, and recovery services programs. To do this in the safest way possible for both our clients and staff, we are taking special care to enhance our intake and screening procedures.

RS EDEN understands the importance in providing individualized services coupled with a safe environment during these challenging times. If you are a referral partner and want to reach out about placing a client in one of our programs, please contact: Candace Johnson, Admissions Supervisor, at 612-361-8544 or 612-916-1989 or Nicole Frass, Clinical Director, at 612-361-8553.

All of our programs are taking every precaution to continue providing our essential services while following social-distancing guidelines. A short list of some of the things we are doing:

  • Reducing our group sizes
  • Using telemedicine
  • Intensifying sanitation practices
  • Using technology to help clients visit with friends and families virtually

Referrals can be faxed to 612-338-3653. We look forward to working with you.