The Green Team Impacts Local Community

The Green Team is the Elliot Park neighborhood environmental clean-up group. Rick Purcell and Angie Taylor lead the Green Team, along with six Elliot Park residents, including Karen Johnson and James Gatewood. Established in partnership with EPNI Livability Task Force, The Green Team builds community and neighborhood involvement in keeping Elliot Park clean. “I’m excited to be a part of The Green Team,” said Johnson, “We've already seen the impact we’ve made on cleaning up Elliot Park.”

The Green Team has created an Elliot Park neighborhood map that sections off territories for resident committees to claim specific areas of responsibility to clean up on a monthly basis. Members choose a neighborhood block and pledge to clean up garbage at least twice a month. The neighborhood committees receive bags, gloves, and t-shirts with the Green Team logo designed by Angie Taylor. There are several events planned to promote neighborhood trash and clean up with the Green Team including two ice cream socials. For more information on how to become a Green Team member, contact Karen Johnson.

Green Team Ice Cream Social | August 15, 6:30 p.m. | Jaur Café, 609 South 10th Street, Minneapolis.