Journalists from the Supportive Housing Field – The Power of Tenant Voice

Tenants of RS EDEN Supportive Housing are individuals engaged in steps to improve their quality of life. They are also members of communities, including their specific housing programs, the wider recovery community, and the larger Twin Cities metro communities in which they live.

One way that tenants give voice to the lessons of their lives and the strengths of their communities is through Housing Newsletters. Joel K. is the long time Editor of the Central Chat, his housing community’s newsletter. His work on the newsletter has been something he enjoys doing to give back to his community. He was recently invited to a meeting at Emanuel Housing to share his wisdom and experiences with a group of tenants who came together to create the Emanuel Housing community’s first newsletter, the Emanuel Expression. They were inspired after reading copies of both the Central Chat and The Alliance Gazette.

Tenants sharing stories about lived realities, local resources, community announcements, opinions, and artistic contributions in these newsletters are powerful testaments to the dynamic world of communities seeking transformative connection. Please see any of the June editions to learn more.