A Place to Call Their Own

That is what the Women and Children’s Family Center represents for our community of women and children. Together they are creating something special in anew building designed just for them. This beautiful space is a point of pride where they can participate in activities that support their current needs and help prepare them for a positive future ahead.

The layout of the new building helps to create a welcoming and supportive environment with plenty of spaces for additional groups and activities, some of which include:

  • Weekly family dinners prepared by staff and moms
  • Weekly yoga classes for women and children led by trained certified yoga instructor and LPCC Sheryl Hybert (a former RS EDEN counselor)
  • Weekly mother-friendly sober support group
  • Weekly Big Book group meetings

Addiction, abuse, and poverty are all factors facing our participants. Our staff are dedicated to helping women conquer whatever challenges face them and recover from trauma to acquire the tools to build successful and productive lives. Providing computers and quiet in our computer lab has allowed several women to work on their GED requirements. And in the bigger picture of recovery and positive life change, we have begun a collaboration with The Minnesota AIDS Project to provide resources and information about safety and healthy choices.