Staff Profile: Benito Rodriguez Hernandez and Nieves Rosas-Ponce

“I cannot believe how clean it is here,” or “RS EDEN’s buildings are the cleanest and nicest places around.” These are just a couple of the many compliments that we receive from tenants, staff, and outside vendors and professionals on a regular basis. There are two reasons why this is so: Benito Rodriguez Hernandez and Nieves Rosas-Ponce.

This superstar couple has been working for RS EDEN for 11 years. Their official titles are Custodian and Grounds Keeper, but they do so much more. Benito and Nieves turn the units (clean, repaint, strip and wax the floors, etc.) and provide general up-keep for many of our properties, including our administrative offices. But much more than that, they are a friendly and consistent faces and truly care about the mission of RS EDEN.

Benito and Nieves met and married in Mexico 25 years ago and just renewed their vows. Legend has it that Benito is an excellent dancer or es un muy buen bailarín! Benito and Nieves have two teenage children. Their son is a very gifted soccer player who travels across the country for tournaments. Surprisingly, they choose to live in Minnesota because they love the weather—Mexico is too hot for them.

—Janet Stadt, RS EDEN Facilities Director