Alliance Apartments: Allies All Around

Many of the boxed meals above ended up in the hands of tenants at RS EDEN's Alliance Apartments, where we offer sober supportive housing for homeless and low-income men and women. "When we told tenants about the meals from Hope," shares Alliance Apartments Program Director Karen Johnson, "they were so grateful. But it didn't stop there: they didn't want to receive without giving anything back." Tenants quickly noted that there were other residents who also needed support, but had been hesitant to leave their rooms during the COVID-19 crisis. They asked for extra meals so they could deliver them right to their fellow tenants' doors.

"Things may be hard right now," says Karen, "but it provides a unique opportunity to sit back and witness how people are rising to the occasion and using this opportunity to help their own recovery and mental health."

We are also seeing the wider community step up for Alliance. Local businesses and restaurants consistently drop off extra food, and our neighbors in Elliot Park are also doing their part: one neighbor drops off two loaves of homemade bread every day. These donations allow staff a unique opportunity to perk up tenants who are having an especially rough time right now.
“I cannot explain the feeling of watching way the community has gathered around us," says Karen. "We’ve worked hard to build community here at Alliance, so to be able to step back and watch that community step up to meet this challenge is such a gift.