Medals Don't Have Race Times

Jeff's journey to running marathons started with baby steps while growing up in Massachusetts, going onto serve in the Coast Guard, and somehow ending up living a life of isolation as a homeless man in NE Minneapolis for many years.

After securing supportive housing at RS EDEN's Emanuel Housing, Jeff trained for and ran the Twin Cities Marathon(TCM) last fall. He brings a positive attitude to all life experiences. His drive to never feel sorry for himself fueled his dedication to running.


With no previous long-distance running experience to guide him, he was surprised how training for the marathon brought him a true sense of community and an unexpected focus. Jeff serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to make a change or try something different.

Jeff's determination has now turned to Grandma's Marathon in Duluth this June. Although he hasn't trained as hard as he had planned, he will not be sidetracked. His goal is two races every year. Jeff encourages others to run, as he says: "Medals don't have race times. What really matters is finishing what you start."

After all that life has brought his way, Jeff considers Minnesota home. He sees Emanuel Housing as a permanent place to hang his race medals.

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