Portland Village Graduation Celebration

Light up the grill, pour the lemonade, and cut the cake…the Portland Village family housing community is celebrating graduations of all kinds. This year the community celebrated the accomplishments of 14 tenants—adults and children—who graduated from elementary to junior high, from junior high to high school, who completed drug court, and who received their GED.

The Graduation Celebration is an annual event for tenants to socialize, celebrate goals, and simply enjoy a summer afternoon together with food and fun. Creating time for revelry is essential to strengthening social bonds as a housing community. Learning how to rejoice and have fun when emerging from homelessness and living in recovery is an important step. The annual graduation party highlights individual accomplishments but it’s not just about that one goal or that one person. To celebrate one’s accomplishments is a gift for the friends, family, and community who have been supportive along the way. It normalizes the rituals of success, honors hard work, and allows time for reflection.