RS EDEN Commits to Best Practice and Training

RS EDEN recently launched a robust effort to promote opportunities for all agency staff to engage in training necessary for being an effective advocate for equity and diversity on the job. RS EDEN programs serve clients in an array of programs including corrections, substance abuse, and supportive housing. Drawing on the expertise of the University of Minnesota’s Office for Equity and Diversity, the agency is rolling out a series of workshops for all staff over the coming months that will cover topics including:

  • Being an Ally in the Work of Equity and Diversity
  • Addressing Religious and Spiritual Identities in a Public Context
  • Race, Racism, and Privilege
  • Facilitating Challenging Conversations

From RS EDEN President Dan Cain:

We live in interesting and challenging times. While it’s always important to recognize and respond to the way identity impacts our clients and their attempts to change their lives, it is even more important now. Actual, implied, and rumored changes in our society have brought about a sense of anxiety and uncertainty not seen since the 1960’s. Responses to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability status and religion are regularly being challenged and changed in the media and in our everyday lives. We cannot stress enough the importance of this transformative effort. Out of adversity comes change, and hopefully our actions in this regard will bring about real change, for our clients, our staff and our agency.

Learn more about the University of Minnesota Office of Equity and Diversity.