RS EDEN serves individuals who often have histories of substance use disorders, may be homeless, have significant involvement with the criminal justice system, drug courts, child protection and have received treatment services throughout their lives. Participants involved in our programs often have minimal family, financial, and social resources at their disposal.

Inpatient Services for Men

Eden House serves men in Hennepin and surrounding counties who have substance use disorders. The RS EDEN Men’s Residential Program is a behavior-based therapeutic community program.

Client profiles include men with histories of substance use disorders who may be homeless and may have experienced various episodes of prior treatment. Also, clients are typically involved in the criminal justice system and have minimal family, financial and social resources.

Length of Stay

The Men’s Residential Program provides a highly-structured extended care facility with 24-hour supervision. The length of stay is dependent on a person’s needs and progress they have demonstrated in completing their individualized goals and objectives on their treatment plan.

Client Referrals & Admission

We offer Comprehensive Assessments.
RS EDEN accepts both self-pay and insurance clients.
Contact 612-338-0723, and ask for admissions.
Eden House is located at 1025 Portland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

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Inpatient Services for Women

RS EDEN Women’s Residential Program is designed to meet the needs of women who have substance use disorders with the mission of rehabilitation. The principal aim is a global change in lifestyle. We offer behavior-based empowerment programs where women strive towards lifestyles free from substance use disorders

Length of Stay

The RS EDEN Women’s Residential Program is a highly-structured treatment program targeting high-risk women and pregnant women who may have need for more intensive programs. The length of stay is dependent on a person’s needs and progress they have demonstrated completing the goals and objectives on their treatment plan.

Program Services
  • Trauma informed curriculums
  • Cognitive behavioral groups
  • Individual counseling/case management
  • On site access to mental health services
  • Assistance with setting up benefits
  • Assistance in accessing community resources
  • Health groups and health care services
  • Practice of independent living skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Education about substance abuse
  • Recreational and social activities
  • Access to peer recovery specialist
  • Parenting education
Continuing Care

Participants completing the RS EDEN Women’s Residential and/or Outpatient treatment programs may participate in Continuing Care. This program is designed to support ongoing recovery efforts as women transition to life outside of a structured treatment living environment. Emphasis is on practicing recovery and relapse prevention skills, navigating community resources, and pursuing education and employment goals. Length of this program is 3-6 months, 1-15 hours of services per week, depending on the needs of the participant

Health Services are provided to all residential program members as part of treatment services.

A nurse facilitates scheduling appointments for physical health, dental, vision, mental health, pre- and post-natal appointments, TB screening appointments, and other health services. The nurse also conducts weekly health groups on various topics including:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Family planning
  • Sexuality
  • Nutrition
  • HIV/STD prevention
  • Well baby care
  • TB education
  • Smoking cessation

Client Referrals & Admission for Women

Females, 18 years or older
On-site Rule 25 Assessments
RS EDEN accepts both self-pay and insurance clients.

Contact 612-338-0723 and ask for admissions.

RS EDEN Women's Program is located at 614 Grant Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

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Job Opportunities

RS EDEN is an equal opportunity employer whose mission is to create thriving, just communities where healing occurs and new beginnings are possible.