Housing Intake

Minnesota has initiated a Coordinated Entry (CE) to Housing system. Coordinated Entry is a system that assists households who are experiencing homelessness by creating a common entry point to obtain a referral to housing. The vast majority of our properties must receive referrals directly from the county.

To be included in Coordinated Entry, applicants will need to be assessed and referred to their county.

In Hennepin County, https://www.hennepin.us/coordinated-entry

In Ramsey County, http://www.ramsey.headinghomeminnesota.org/where-f...

In Central Minnesota, https://www.facebook.com/coordinatedentrysystem/

RS EDEN has a small amount of units that do not have a homeless requirement, and therefore do not need to be filled through Coordinated Entry. To receive an email when one of these units opens up, please email us at housingintake@rseden.org.