Amber Apartments

Extremely Affordable Housing Capital Campaign
Goal: $700,000

RS EDEN's new Amber Apartments in Minneapolis's Longfellow neighborhood (Hiawatha and 45th Avenue) will bridge the gap for people who are working but cannot afford rent.

What sets Amber Apartments apart:

  • "Missing link" in housing continuum, Amber Apartments will provide an integral step for those transitioning out of supportive housing and into permanent, non-subsidized housing.
  • Extremely affordable housing — from $600 per month - Workforce housing for minimum-wage workers.
  • Convenient to job centers and public transportation — directly across from the 46th Street light rail station and on several bus lines connecting both downtowns.

For cost burdened renters, "affordable housing" in the Twin Cities has become unaffordable. Amber Apartments corrects that course.

"Affordable housing located near mass transit can help low-income residents save money, access better jobs, improve health, and reach critical community services." —Impact of Affordable Housing on Families and Communities, 2014

"When rent is out of reach for those who are fully employed, our communities pay the price. We cannot afford to let housing costs continue to climb, while wages remain stagnant." —Out of Reach Minnesota 2017

Please donate today. Your support will bring 80 extremely affordable rental units to the heart of Minneapolis.