COVID-19: Supporting Our Clients and Team

RS EDEN is committed to the safety and well-being of our employees and our clients. Our programs and services are critical to the most vulnerable members of our community. We continue to run our programs, adapting our services to align with social distancing protocols and other Minnesota Department of Health guidelines. Learn more here.


Supportive Housing, Recovery, and Reentry Services

Since 1971, RS EDEN has been a leader in delivering effective community human services in Minnesota. From early achievements in substance abuse treatment and correctional residential programs, RS EDEN has evolved into a multi-faceted agency whose mission is to provide a spectrum of care, recovery and support services to best facilitate individual, family, and community movement from homelessness to self-sufficiency. We believe that with structure, stability, and accountability, people can and do change.

RS EDEN seeks to rebuild communities, one person at a time.

h1.png Supportive Housing

RS EDEN's supportive housing communities include on-site services to assure tenants have the resources and support necessary to sustain their housing.

h2.png Recovery Services

Programs include substance use, mental health, peer support, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), independent living skills, as well as vocational and educational services.

h3.png Reentry Services

Services for individuals reentering and reconnecting with the community after incarceration.

h5.png RSI Laboratories

Designed to establish a safe environment for clients making the necessary changes to promote their rehabilitation while ensuring public safety.

I have been impressed with RS EDEN's service approach. It is client-centered and maximizes resources in the community at large. They are one of the few affordable housing developers to offer services within sober buildings. I am impressed with the housing stability and other positive results they measure across tenants.

- Barbara Jeanetta, Alliance Housing Inc.

Job Opportunities

RS EDEN is an equal opportunity employer whose mission is to provide recovery, accountability, and support services facilitating individual, family, and community movement from non-productive behavior to responsible, self-sufficient lifestyles.