A Holistic Continuum of Recovery

From intensive residential treatment to intensive outpatient with lodging, to community outpatient, treatment is individualized to meet your unique strengths and challenges. You will have a team working to support your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. As you make progress, your confidence will improve, and you will again be excited for what the future holds. RS EDEN will guide you on this journey as you work hard to achieve your goals.

Start with a walk-in assessment

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Health & Wellness

Primary Care and Mental Health Services

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A safe, supported place to live for the whole family

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Recovery keeps your family together

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In community with other mothers, you receive and give support

No matter how much support you need, we can help

Inpatient Withdrawal Management

Clients are supported by 24/7 Nurses and Trained Medication Aids to move through withdrawal safely and comfortably. Incorporated into our residential treatment center, our integrated care model decreases barriers to access to life-saving recovery treatment.

Intensive Residential

Near downtown Minneapolis, RS EDEN’s 59-bed treatment center supports both men and women. Clients come from across the state to access safe, stable, quality care near Hennepin Health and other Minneapolis services.

Outpatient with Lodging

In a structured setting, you will live in community with others in recovery while accessing intensive outpatient services. A step-down from intensive residential treatment, our men’s and women-with-children programs offer ways to move toward more independence while maintaining ample support.

Community Outpatient

While you go back to work and independent living, continuing treatment is critical to recovery. Community outpatient services are offered to provide ongoing stability as you return to everyday life.


What is the experience like?

RS EDEN's modified therapeutic community setting is a place where each individual receives their own care plan within a supportive community setting. 

Our team of substance use professionals, nurses, peer support specialists, mental health professionals, and volunteers work 24/7 to ensure you are safe, supported, and given all the tools you need to make positive steps toward recovery.

The Admissions Process is a busy time where we gather information on your history, your challenges, and most importantly - your strengths - to create your care plan. Our nurses work to understand your needs beyond substance use, including mental and physical health. Our peer team walks alongside you, providing emotional support and guidance.

Once settled, you will get to know the members of the community and become oriented to the structure and schedule of the therapeutic setting. This can be overwhelming at first, but our team and your fellow residents are here to support you. The structure provides a safe place for you to begin the work of building a life beyond a substance use disorder, adding new tools to cope with trauma, new behaviors to engage in relationships, and hope for a new beginning.

Available Services

  • Group and Individual Substance Use Disorder Services
  • Group and Individual Mental Health Services
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Peer Support Services
  • Independent Living Skills Support
  • Connection with primary care
  • Connection with other service providers
  • Nutritious, Family-Style Meals 
  • Support Groups

Program FAQs

Here are some answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions about this program

We are here to serve everyone, regardless of income. If you have insurance, our program will bill insurance for your care. If you do not have insurance, we will help get you enrolled with insurance to pay for your care.

Program duration depends on your level of need. Some people may stay in residential treatment for 30 days and then move to an outpatient setting. Some people may stay in residential treatment for closer to 6 months. This will all depend on your needs, how well you are progressing, if you have a court mandate that indicates a specific amount of time you need to stay in treatment, and more.

You should bring your ID, any medications you are prescribed, doctor's orders, copy of insurance (if you have it), any discharge paperwork you may have from a hospital or other setting.

We recommend you bring personal items, including clothing, hygiene products, personal care items, pictures of family or friends, spiritual items, or other items that will bring you joy and comfort.

There will be limited space for personal items, so please be selective before coming to treatment.

Yes. RS EDEN believes family, friends, and other prosocial supports are critical to a successful and enduring recovery. Your team will work with you on setting up visits with loved ones and incorporating them into your treatment.

RS EDEN's substance use disorder treatment programs have a Medical Director (a physician) and nurses (RN). Our medical staff work to support Medication-Assisted Treatment, medical health conditions, mental health conditions, and your overall continuity of care. 

Recovery Locations for Adults


Beattie Manor

2728 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Board and Lodge for men

Eden House

Eden House

1025 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

59 bed capacity residential treatment

Mom and 2 kids

Lorraine Apartments

2310 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Board and Lodge for women with children

Mom son

Women's Outpatient Program

614 Grant Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404  

Serves women in an outpatient setting

Walk-In Assessments Are Available

Direct Access to Comprehensive Assessments, both walk-in and by appointment (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm), are available at:
1025 Portland Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Or you can call our Intake Line at:

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