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Family-Centered Recovery

RS EDEN’s whole-family recovery work has a proven track record. Our wrap-around community of support assists our staff to see each participant to achieve their fullest potential and identify the tools needed to maintain their sobriety and support their family. Our services include:

  • Substance-use recovery
  • Mental-health support
  • Baby health
  • Access to healthcare
  • Parenting relationships
  • Family Reunification
  • Employment
  • Housing stability
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Health & Wellness

Primary Care and Mental Health Services for both parents/caregivers and children

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Outpatient treatment with lodging. A safe, supportive place for the whole family to live 

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Keep your family intact during recovery 

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Get support from compassionate and committed staff with similar life experiences, other parents in recovery, and peer recovery programming 

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What is the experience like?

Recovering from substance use disorder is challenging enough, without the added worry that you could lose custody of your kids, or not have a place to live tomorrow. As a participant in the Family Recovery Project, you’ll live in your own apartment with your children and any other members of your household. This may include co-parents and grandparents. You will be in a safe, stable community with other families with children. 

We work closely with both agency support staff and your family members, to offer the best services for you and your children. Services include healthy meals, medical and mental health support for adults and youth, child care, early childhood education, parent education, and more. 

Having these supports and safety nets for your family can give you peace of mind, so you can fully focus on your recovery. 

In addition to the Family Recovery Project for parents of all genders, RS EDEN also offers recovery support specifically for Women with Children.

Available Services

  • Group and individual mental health services
  • Primary care services, including medication-assisted treatment
  • Peer support services 
  • Independent living skills training
  • School readiness, in partnership with PICA Head Start and early childhood education programs
  • Minneapolis Public Schools programming
  • Healthy meals 
  • Community-building activities and field trips; summer programming for kids
  • Necessities like winter coats, shoes and school supplies

Here are some answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions about the Family Recovery Project. Here are some answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions about the Family Recovery Project.

You won’t pay anything. We’re here to serve everyone, regardless of income. If you have insurance, our program will bill insurance for your care. If you don’t have insurance, we’ll help get you enrolled with insurance to pay for your care.

How long the program lasts depends on the level of need. Some families stay with us for just a few months, others stay for much longer. We will work with you and your family, Child Protection (if they’re already involved), and other stakeholders to make sure you’re set up for long-term success on your recovery journey.

Please bring your ID, any medications you are prescribed, doctor's orders, a copy of insurance (if you have it), and any discharge paperwork you may have from a hospital or other setting.

We also recommend that you bring personal items like clothing, hygiene products, pictures of family or friends, spiritual items, and any other objects that will bring you joy and comfort in your new home. There is limited space for personal items, so please be selective in what you bring.

Yes. RS EDEN believes that family and friends are critical to a successful and lasting recovery.

In our outpatient with lodging program, you will continue to live with and care for your children. Your team will work with you to set up additional visits with loved ones, and to incorporate them into your treatment.

Yes. RS EDEN's substance use disorder treatment programs have a Medical Director (a physician) and registered nurses. Our medical staff supports Medication-Assisted Treatment, medical health conditions, mental health conditions, and your overall continuity of care.

Recovery Locations for Families with Children

Parent and child together.

Outpatient Treatment

614 Grant Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Serves both caregiving and non caregiving adults

Parent with two happy children.

Lorraine Apartments

2310 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Serves approximately 16 families with parents of all genders

Not sure where to start?

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