Amber Apartments

“For someone like me," RS EDEN client Cleo Robinson says, "Amber Apartments offers the leverage to help you move from dependence to independence."

There are many people like Cleo in our community: those who've forged a path toward new beginnings and independence by finding steady work after successfully serving sentences, addressing substance abuse, or overcoming homelessness. At this critical point, they often see their momentum derail: in Minneapolis, when a renter earns more than $17,000, they are no longer eligible for subsidized housing.

With "typical" non-subsidized one-bedrooms averaging $1,000-plus a month, a minimum-wage renter would be forced to use 70 percent of their income for shelter alone. For Twin Cities residents who are stuck in this gap, "affordable" housing is simply out of reach.

With rents from $600 a month, Amber Apartments' 80 low-barrier units will create new pathways to stable housing for hard working, low-wage earners in Minneapolis.

At Amber Apartments' ground breaking event in October 2020, Longfellow City Council Member Andrew Johnson was on hand to champion the project. "When we talk about the barriers keeping people down," said Johnson, "housing is right at the top of the list because if you can get a job but you can’t afford housing, you’re stuck. This is absolutely the type of housing we need."

As we broke ground, we began to build bridges to new beginnings for 80 people who are looking to continue their recovery without having to maneuver through a broken system. Centered in the vibrant Longfellow neighborhood and convenient to job centers and public transportation, Amber Apartments will be a foundation for people taking the important step from supportive housing to independent housing.

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