RS EDEN Corrections Services Director Addresses Women and Reentry Challenges at Minnesota Department of Corrections Conference

On April 23, 2018, the Minnesota Department of Corrections Task Force on Justice Involved Women and Girls held their annual conference, sponsored in part by RS EDEN. This year’s conference focused on the disparate treatment of women and girls in the criminal justice system. Task Force members LuAnne Buck, Director of Corrections Services for RS EDEN, and Amber Jochem, Community Outreach Manager of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, spoke about the challenges women face reentering the community from incarceration. These challenges include: re-establishing a stable home and family life, including regaining legal and physical custody of children; locating affordable housing and meeting other basic needs; securing employment that pays a sufficient income to support herself as well as her children; creating new positive social networks to include intimate relationships, all while meeting the multiple conditions of release including treatment, recovery, and sobriety.

The Task Force conference committee is already busy planning next year’s conference. The focus of the 2019 conference will be marginalized justice involved women and girls.

The mission of the RS EDEN Corrections Division is to assist clients in successfully reintegrating into the community as law-abiding members. Utilizing evidence-based practices and gender responsive programming, we provide a safe environment for clients to make necessary internal changes to promote rehabilitation.

If you would like to learn more about incarceration and reentry issues and resources for women, please see the National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women.