Recovery Services

RS EDEN has a longstanding reputation of working successfully with people who have a substance use disorders, specializing in serving culturally diverse, poly-drug addicted adult males and females. Our treatment programs include individual and group counseling, substance use disorder education, health care, independent living skills and socialization. Our staff uses best practices through cognitive behavioral approaches, motivational interviewing, and twelve-step facilitation. Our team has extensive experience working with the criminogenic population with notable success. RS EDEN uses the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria for levels of service.


Since 1971, Eden House has been providing residential services to men and women with substance use disorders in Hennepin and surrounding counties. RS EDEN’s residential programs are modified therapeutic communities, which utilize a cognitive behavioral approach.

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RS EDEN outpatient programs vary in levels of service and time commitment. Participants may need as much as 30 hours of service per week or as little as an hour per month. The length of stay is based on the individual’s assessment, treatment planning and completion of goals and objectives.

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Job Opportunities

RS EDEN is an equal opportunity employer whose mission is to provide recovery, accountability, and support services facilitating individual, family, and community movement from non-productive behavior to responsible, self-sufficient lifestyles.