Combined organization to provide comprehensive service approach, better addressing complex mental health disparities. 

September 5, 2023 (Minneapolis, MN) –RS EDEN is acquiring MN-TRI (Minnesota Trauma Recovery Institute) and integrating it as a program of RS EDEN, creating an organization with an even deeper commitment to individuals and families who are struggling with mental health and experiences of trauma. Through this integration, current and future participants will have access to our innovative, responsive, person-centered, and comprehensive system of care.

Both organizations have expertise in trauma-informed recovery and supporting criminally-justice involved men and women, making this integration very well-suited. As MN-TRI becomes a program of RS EDEN, the potential for increased community-wide impact is unlimited. The integration of MN-TRI is yet another example of RS EDEN’s 50+-year commitment to eliminating barriers and building access to critical services in our community.

“By bringing our two organizations together, we provide an amplified voice to best serve our participants and the community. Collectively, we will be better able to address the systemic factors related to access to critical mental health services that impact the majority of our participants,” said Caroline Hood, RS EDEN President & CEO. “RS EDEN participants will benefit from MN-TRI’s experience and expertise in healing the legacy of trauma in individuals and families involved in the criminal justice system.”

“I, along with the entire MN-TRI team, look forward to becoming part of RS EDEN. We see this as a promising partnership that will bolster the impact of addressing the unmet mental health needs within our community,” shared Molly Bailey, MN-TRI Founder & Executive Director. “With our expertise in mental health, trauma and family systems, combined with RS EDEN’s well established programs and infrastructure, I am extremely hopeful for the ways we can work together to help individuals and families heal and experience wellbeing.”

This combined organization will operate as RS EDEN and be led by Caroline Hood. Integrating programs, services, billing, and other administrative functions will take place over the next several months. All employees of MN-TRI will become RS EDEN employees. 


For over 50 years, RS EDEN has been a leader in the Twin Cities by creating unique solutions to the challenges our community faces, including the entrenched, multi-generational poverty and systemic racism experienced by communities of color. RS EDEN supports individuals and families through programs that provide recovery from substance use, community reentry after incarceration, and affordable housing.  In 2022, our services benefited nearly 1,600 clients across the metro area. Visit to learn more.

About MN-TRI

Since its beginning in 2019, MN-TRI (Minnesota Trauma Recovery Institute ( has been committed to offering therapy, providing trainings and education on the cycles of trauma, addiction and criminal justice involvement, and also conducting community-based research. Our vision of “Heal the legacy of traumatic stress in families involved in the criminal justice system” drives our agency. We believe people deserve to be treated with love and compassion. We believe people can change, and we believe that even in the face of many obstacles, healing is possible.


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