Intensive Recovery—from hospitalization to housing

From intensive medically-monitored withdrawal to intensive outpatient with lodging, withdrawal management and treatment are individualized to meet your unique strengths and challenges. You will have a team working to support your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. As you make progress, your confidence will improve, and you will again be excited for what the future holds. RS EDEN will guide you on this journey as you work hard to achieve your goals.

Through RS EDEN’s withdrawal management program, participants will begin their recovery journey in the safety of a hospital setting and transition to housing for a seamless, gap-free transition to residential care.

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Our program provides full support from safe detox through post-withdrawal recovery and housing.

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Medically Managed

Supported by 24/7 Nurses and Trained Medication Aids who safely guide participants through withdrawal.

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Residential Transition

After hospital-care through intensive residential treatment provides continued support.

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Community services provide ongoing stability as you return to everyday life.

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What is the experience like?

Upon admission, each individual will have an assessment with a nurse to identify needs and create an individualized stabilization plan. They will meet with a provider within 24 hours of admissions to begin medications if needed to assist through withdrawal. Nursing will complete assessments regularly to monitor any changes and adjust treatment accordingly. Support specialists and peer recovery specialists are available to help assist each person with what they need to help make it through withdrawal as best as possible. Licensed alcohol and drug counselors will be available to support anyone who wants help getting into treatment.

Once a person safely and comfortably completes their withdrawal management length of stay, they will have the opportunity to seamlessly transition into RS EDEN's treatment program, where they will being to receive both group and individual services on their path toward long-term recovery.

Available Services

  • 24/7 medical oversight by a team of addiction medicine doctors and nurse practitioners
  • 24/7 supportive care by trained medication aids
  • Support from a licensed alcohol and drug counselor
  • Assessment and ongoing treatment by a licensed Nurse Practitioner and/or MD specifically trained in addiction medicine and withdrawal management

  • Comprehensive assessment completed during stay

  • Peer recovery services
  • All meals provided

  • Other needs as required

Program FAQs

Here are some answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions about this program

We are here to serve everyone, regardless of income. If you have insurance, our program will bill insurance for your care. If you do not have insurance, we will help get you enrolled with insurance to pay for your care. We will not turn someone away.

Withdrawal Management lasts as long as an individual requires in order to become both medically and clinically stable. This can range from as few as three days to usually no more than 14.

No one is required to stay, but we will create a positive experience by which we hope participants will desire to remain in treatment for longer in order to build skills and supports toward recovery.

Yes. RS EDEN believes family, friends, and other prosocial supports are critical to a successful and enduring recovery. Your team will work with you on setting up visits with loved ones and incorporating them into your treatment.

 RS EDEN's substance use disorder treatment programs have a Medical Director, Nurse Practitioners, nurses (RN), and Trained Medication Aids (TMAs). These medical staff work alongside Peer Support Specialists, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, and Mental Health Clinicians to provide robust, comprehensive care. Our medical staff work to support Medication-Assisted Treatment, medical health conditions, mental health conditions, and your overall continuity of care. 

Our Intensive Recovery Location

Eden House

Eden House

1025 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

59-bed Capacity:  16-bed Withdrawal Management; 43-bed Intensive Residential Treatment